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Back to Basics

Lily Lady Classic Pajama Set

₹ 999.00₹ 1,249.00

Allure Classic Pajama Set

₹ 999.00₹ 1,249.00

Lilac Pajama Set

₹ 899.00₹ 1,149.00

Frida Pajama Set

₹ 899.00₹ 1,149.00

Navy Sprinkle Classic Pajama Set

₹ 999.00₹ 1,249.00

Blue Tint Shorts Set

₹ 699.00₹ 999.00

Monochrome Stripes Sleep Shirt

₹ 599.00₹ 899.00

Azure Pajama Set

₹ 999.00₹ 1,629.00

Watermelon Sugar Pajama Set

₹ 899.00₹ 1,149.00

Vintage Flowers Pajama Set

₹ 699.00₹ 1,149.00

Uncomplicated Polka Pajama Set

₹ 899.00₹ 1,149.00

Rose Tint Shorts Set

₹ 699.00₹ 999.00

Latest, fun and trendy, give your at-home look a speedy update with House of Artemis’ basic and classy loungewear. Easy to wear and homely, simply slip into these easy pieces to spruce up your personal time. With designs to remain, these pieces will take you from lounging around the house day to sleeping throughout the day.

For all the lovely ladies who cannot let go of their love for basic prints, House of Artemis is there for you. From comfortable pajama sets, sleep shirts and short sets to sleep gowns swamped in easygoing cool, our women's loungewear is loaded with pieces that will take you through the whole day and night at home. Browse from weaved loungewear, cool cotton and different choices that you'll cherish getting into as soon as you reach home.

Unravel in style with the collection of simple but classic loungewear for ladies. Simple to style and wear, ‘back to basics’ collection gets you covered in work from home days to every at-home plan. Women’s loungewear comes in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. Besides being cute, cozy and basic, the loungewear is light weighted and made from breathable fabrics.

You’re going to be your comfiest self when you slip into House of Artemis’ loungewear. The brand has the coziest pieces for when you’re binge watching documentaries or simply lounging around the house. The direct to customer brand has minimal and sustainable loungewear on it’s site that were crafted remembering the most blazing pattern of the period, for example loungewear that can even be worn even outside.

Go ahead, get your hands on the classic women’s loungewear online and get it delivered fast and easy to your doorstep. Pick your style, add to cart and experience a seamless check out at Alternatively, you can also order from our Instagram handle to earn great discounts.